Scroll saw demonstration

This looks like an introduction to the scroll saw for students in a shop class. The video isn’t very good, but it has some decent info if you’re brand new to the scroll saw.

Cutting on a DeWalt 788 scroll saw

This is video that shows a 12mm cut-out of the letters ‘Girl’ on a DeWalt DW 788 scroll saw.

A simple scrollsaw project

An introduction to scrollsawing, with a simple project beginners can make without artistic skill or a pattern. More scrollsaw info: My website:

Freestyle Puzzle Cutting

In this video, Carter Johnson demonstrates how to cut a free-form puzzle with his scroll saw.  He doesn’t use a puzzle pattern, rather he cuts them freehand and uses color lines to guide the shape.  The result is an interesting and difficult jigsaw puzzle.  He gives tips for creating your own freehand jigsaw puzzles.

Hand Turkey Toy

Here’s a quick video as Scott Snyder makes the famous hand-turkey into a wheeled toy using a scroll saw.  He operates Banished Wood Working where he sells many of his scroll saw creations.

Duck Pull Toy

Here’s a quick video from Scott Snyder of Banished Wood Working as he creates an easy duck pull toy with his scroll saw.

Scrolling The Beatles

In this video, Scott Snyder demonstrates how he cuts a portrait of The Beatles with his  scroll saw.  He runs Banished Wood Working where he sells a lot of his scroll saw creations.

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