Pedal-Operated Wooden Scroll Saw

Unlike most of Del’s wooden machines, this pedal-powered scroll saw actually “does something”…it is a working tool. A wooden machine that can cut up wood…that sounds cannibalistic! But as Del points out, it is functional but not really practical. This machine has some parts made of other materials than wood: the flywheel is weighted with lead, the standard saw blade is steel & its holder aluminum, and metal screws & bolts were used to make it easier to take apart for adjustment or repair. To me, one of the most fascinating parts of the machine is the intricate pedal linkage. I know it took Del quite a bit of “fiddlin'” to make the pedals work smoothly. If you would like to communicate with Del directly, his YouTube channel is

Scroll saw demonstration

This looks like an introduction to the scroll saw for students in a shop class. The video isn’t very good, but it has some decent info if you’re brand new to the scroll saw.

Cutting on a DeWalt 788 scroll saw

This is video that shows a 12mm cut-out of the letters ‘Girl’ on a DeWalt DW 788 scroll saw.

Scroll Saw Basics

Here’s a couple videos from Kostas Workshop.  Kosta shows you the basics of a scroll saw.  He’ll show you around the scroll saw, blade changing, tilting blades and more.  He’ll even demonstrates how to cut a few simple shapes.  These videos come mostly from a woodworker’s perspective rather than a scroll saw hobbyist.  You can find Kostas Workshop blog here.

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